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If you've ever conducted veteran job searches on the Web, you know that there are countless sites devoted to providing military veterans with career assistance. Each site stresses that there are thousands of jobs available to veterans, and some go as far as to promise a new job within a matter of days. These bold statements are encouraging, but they often fall short of expectations. After all, you're not looking for any old job. You're looking for a career.

Many resource sites approach veteran job searches as they would any other job search: by assuring you that there are plenty of jobs out there. This is indeed true, and it should serve as a source of encouragement to anyone looking for a job. However, the goal is not just to find a monthly paycheck (although clearly this is a top priority); the goal is to find rewarding work that forms the foundation for a long-term career.

The Key to Successful
Veteran Job Searches

What this means is that you need more than a simple database of job listings. You need information on which types of careers are military-friendly and information on how to best put your skills to use. You need assistance with crafting an effective resume and help with submitting it to the right people. In short, you need exhaustive assistance with veteran job searches.

This is precisely what we strive to provide at As you browse our site, you're likely to see an array of unique services that separate us from the competition. These diverse services are free of charge to separating service members and veterans, and they're yet another indication of our commitment to comprehensive career assistance.

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