Veteran Job Fairs

Job fairs are traditionally a good place for the corporate world and the public to meet face to face. These dynamic events are designed for both employer and employee to get a feel for one another, as well as a place for all concerned to network. These career fairs are a great place for job seekers to research careers in a variety of fields and to get a feel for which jobs best suit their personalities.

The transitioning military member can also take advantage of job fairs designed specifically for veterans. These exciting events draw top technology manufactures and defense industry corporations looking to hire disciplined workers with strong practical backgrounds. For the transitioning veteran, job fairs are an excellent way to meet a number of others in the same position as they are, and get advice from those who have already transitioned from prior service into successful careers.

Finding a Comprehensive
Veteran Job Fair Listing

Military job fairs are held all over the country in various regional venues, so they can sometimes be difficult to locate. provides a comprehensive listing of veteran job fairs as a free service to transitioning military members. This is just one of the many great services provided at no cost by to make your transition into the civilian workforce as smooth as possible.

Some of the job fairs found in the listings include NCOA job fairs, the Golden Triangle Employment Expo, and Transition Assistance Program job fairs. These comprehensive programs include resume writing courses, interviewing strategies, and information pertaining to current labor market conditions in addition to extensive job opportunities. Check in at to get a complete listing.

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