Military Resumes

The online job board, job fairs and military base newspaper coupled with our unique pre-matching process deliver talented veterans to employers and terrific job opportunities to military job seekers. get right to the point. Research suggests that the average employer spends no more than a minute on each resume he or she reviews. To stand out from the competition, you must know both where and how to highlight your strengths.

Crafting Military Resumes

Like most service members, you probably have built a pretty impressive record. High educational achievement, real world experience, and well-honed specialty skills characterize the typical service member. In addition, the military community is known for fostering critical interpersonal skills such as discipline and dedication. Collectively, these features make you an employer's dream.

The challenge is distilling your strengths into something palatable to a quick reviewer. The best military resumes rely on simple, streamlined formatting to get key points across. Try to limit yourself to a page and to avoid lengthy training descriptions. Too much clutter will only serve to bury your key points. Assess what employers are looking for and speak to precisely those skills. It sounds easy, but it's much more difficult in practice, and it often pays to have a helping hand.

At, we strive to give you comprehensive support with job placement. Our goal is to not only provide an extensive database of job listings, but to make sure that each application lives up to its full potential. From resume guidance to job matching based on specific skills, we're committed to helping service members secure rewarding employment. We work with employers everyday, helping them to find qualified job candidates. We understand their search strategies and are eager to help you capitalize upon it. Take a moment to browse our site and to see for yourself the many resources we have to offer.

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