Military Job Seekers

Military job seekers have unique needs. The transition from active duty to the civilian workforce is taxing on many levels, and the U.S. Department of Labor has established a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) that every service member should consider. It will orient you to the transition process and provide tips for getting started on your job hunt. From there, however, it's up to you to be creative, resourceful, and persistent in tracking down the job that's right for you.

A World of Opportunity for
Military Job Seekers

Although the transition is overwhelming at times, there's every reason to be optimistic about your prospects. Despite the country's current economic woes, the job market is full of opportunity for those with training and experience. From IT and management to health care and security, many lucrative fields remain understaffed. Military job seekers are exceptionally qualified for many of these posts, given their education, training, and experience.

At, we recognize the labor gap that service members can fill and we strive to make the job hunt as easy as possible. Our site is for service members and veterans only, and our goal is to meet the career needs of a uniquely talented demographic. To this end, we not only offer a comprehensive database of general job listings, but we link directly to areas of key interest for military job seekers, including law enforcement, security, sales, and finance.

You can look for jobs based on specific search characteristics and you can also receive extensive professional guidance on the best ways to put your skills and training to use. At, we're not just looking to get you your next paycheck. Rather, we're looking to help you transition your career, your family, and your life to a rewarding and exciting new stage.

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