Military Job Placement is the newest weapon in the Bradley-Morris arsenal. This extensive website is a powerful tool for job seekers and employers alike. Operated by a group of talented executive officers, many of whom have prior military experience, seeks to expand on the impressive Bradley-Morris network.

Specializing in military job placement, is dedicated to providing an excellent conduit between employers in all fields with a talented pool of military only candidates. The dynamic profiling system in place at utilizes up to date technology to create an efficient network of high quality employers and employees. This, in effect, streamlines the selection process on both ends, allowing for fast results and ideal matches.

The Advantages of Military Job Placement

The advantages to a transitioning military member using a military job placement service include quick access to thousands of top paying jobs, quality advice on building a professional resume, and access to veteran associations. This dramatically affects the transition process, making it much smoother and easier. Now the transitioning serviceperson has more time to attend to other key aspects of the transition to civilian life.

For the employer, the benefits are many. Persons of prior military experience generally have a higher degree of technical knowledge and practical experience that can carry over to a variety of fields. They have a strong understanding of leadership and teamwork. They have also demonstrated the ability to fulfill long-term commitments. These desirable traits make placing prior military members in top tier jobs a great business strategy. gives employers quick access to the profiles and resumes of thousands of qualified workers, making it one of the most effective hiring tools available.

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