Military Job Placement

Every year, well over 150,000 service members are discharged from active duty and transition to civilian employment posts. The estimated number of veterans seeking employment nearly doubles that number. Although the military community constitutes a diverse and richly talented group of individuals, a significant proportion of these people will find it difficult to find military job placements that meet their needs.

Finding Competitive
Military Job Placements

The skills that military personnel bring to the workforce are valuable and in high demand. From security positions to the technology industry, there is a wide range of jobs for which service members are especially well qualified. A diligent work ethic, real world experience, and highly refined trade skills make service members an invaluable asset in many work settings. Employers know this and it's just a matter of reaching them.

Perhaps you've been through the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and you've shined up your resume. These are sound first steps; however, in a competitive job market, these measures are not enough. It's all too easy for your skills to slip through the cracks and for your resume to end up as one of many in the pile. You've got to find a way to shine out from the competition.

At, we understand the challenges of military job placement from both an employer and an employee perspective. Yet, we know from firsthand experience that your skills are valuable and marketable. That's why we're here to help. We're not just another database for you to sift through. Rather, we use a strategic, multi-pronged approach that ensures our candidates find optimal military job placements. From our unique job matching system to our Positive Indicators of Employability (PIE), we use an array of methods to match qualified employees to rewarding jobs. You shouldn't have to scramble for military job placement. When you align with you don't have to.

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