Jobs After The Military

Transitioning military members are in an interesting position. After spending four years or more in the service of our country, they now have to decide what shape the rest of their lives will take. This can be a tough decision with factors including location, pay rates, benefit packages, and job descriptions. As former service members, these people are in high demand, and differentiating between similar options can be quite a challenge.
Matching Skills with Opportunities is a networking service dedicated to matching companies with skilled employees searching for jobs after military service. The unique profiling system designed by the staff at allows transitioning military members to create a dynamic online resume. The system also allows employers and job seekers alike to quickly cross-reference preferences by skill sets. This dramatically streamlines the seeking process on both ends.

The friendly staff of is composed of former military members who realize what the transitioning military member faces when reintegrating into civilian life. Their knowledge and expertise can be a valuable reference for those former military members looking for jobs after the military. By creating a comprehensive Career Information Center, provides a total service designed to walk the transitioning military member through the entire process, from the resume to the interview.

As an expansion of the Bradley-Morris legacy, the team at has the experience and expertise for providing employers with a comprehensive labor base. Applicants come from all professional fields and walks of life. Being former military, they have acquired the in-depth knowledge and practical experience to step up to any challenge. Their proven dedication and leadership are invaluable resources for any job scenario, which is why top employers choose us to find the employees they need.

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