Job Fairs Job Fairs are the best way for employers to meet motivated and proven military-experienced job seekers.

Unlike other job fair events, Job Fairs offer employers a unique BestFit™ Profile pre-matching process that ensures a company’s representatives will meet the attendees whose backgrounds offer the best fit for their positions.

Each job fair package includes a complimentary 8' x 10' job fair booth with table and chairs.

To facilitate this effective pre-matching process, we strongly encourage all attendees to pre-register here:

Our latest Job Fair Schedule is as follows:

09/14/2016Huntsville, AL 10am - 2pm Flyer
09/21/2016Fort Bliss, TX 10am - 2pm Flyer
09/27/2016Camp Pendleton, CA 10am -2pm Flyer
09/29/2016Las Vegas, NV 10am - 2pm Flyer
10/05/2016San Antonio, TX 10am - 2pm Flyer
10/13/2016Columbus, GA 10am - 2pm Flyer
10/20/2016Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 10am - 2pm Flyer
11/02/2016Colorado Springs, CO 10am -2pm Flyer
11/08/2016Fort Bragg, NC 10am - 2pm Flyer
11/09/2016Fort Bragg, NC 10am - 2pm Flyer
12/06/2016Lawton, OK 10am - 2pm Flyer
12/07/2016Fort Hood, TX 10am - 2pm Flyer
12/07/2016Fort Campbell, KY 9am-3pm Flyer
12/08/2016Fort Hood, TX 10am - 2pm Flyer
12/14/2016Fort Knox, KY 10am - 2pm Flyer
01/18/2017Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 10am-2pm
01/25/2017Fort Benning, GA 10am-2pm
02/07/2017Fort Stewart, GA 10am-2pm
02/08/2017Hunter Army Airfield, GA 10am-2pm
03/01/2017Fort Bragg, NC 10am-2pm
03/02/2017Fort Bragg, NC 10am-2pm
03/08/2017Norfolk, VA 10am-2pm
03/09/2017Fort Lee, VA 10am-2pm
03/15/2017Colorado Springs, CO 10am-2pm
03/29/2017Huntsville, AL 10am-2pm
04/04/2017Fort Hood, TX 10am-2pm
04/05/2017Fort Hood, TX 10am-2pm
04/12/2017Camp Pendleton, CA 10am-2pm
04/25/2017Fort Bliss, TX 10am-2pm
05/03/2017Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 10am-2pm
05/10/2017Fort Benning, GA 10am-2pm
05/17/2017Lawton, OK 10am-2pm
05/24/2017Eglin AFB, FL 10am-2pm
06/07/2017Fort Knox, KY 10am-2pm
06/14/2017Fort Bragg, NC 10am-2pm
06/15/2017Fort Bragg, NC 10am-2pm
06/21/2017Fort Wainwright, AK 10am-2pm
07/13/2017Hampton, VA 10am-2pm
07/19/2017Jacksonville, FL 10am-2pm
08/03/2017Colorado Springs, CO 10am-2pm
08/09/2017Fort Stewart, GA 10am-2pm
08/10/2017Fort Stewart, GA 10am-2pm
08/22/2017Fort Lee, VA 10am-2pm
09/06/2017Norfolk, VA 10am-2pm
09/12/2017Huntsville, AL 10am-2pm
09/14/2017Fort Riley, KS 10am-2pm
09/19/2017Fort Bliss, TX 10am-2pm
09/21/2017Joint Base San Antonio, TX 10am-2pm
10/03/2017Camp Pendleton, CA 10am-2pm
10/05/2017Las Vegas, NV 10am-2pm
10/18/2017Fort Benning, GA 10am-2pm
10/25/2017Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 10am-2pm
11/01/2017Colorado Springs, CO 10am-2pm
11/08/2017Fort Bragg, NC 10am - 2pm
11/09/2017Fort Bragg, NC 10am - 2pm
12/05/2017Lawton, OK 10am-2pm
12/06/2017Fort Hood, TX 10am-2pm
12/07/2017Fort Hood, TX 10am-2pm
12/12/2017Fort Knox, KY 10am-2pm
12/13/2017Fort Campbell, KY 10am-2pm