Federal Veteran Jobs

The federal sector provides a large variety of jobs to meet the skills of any transitioning military member. From healthcare to jobs in government security clearance, there are jobs available in the federal sector that can suit a number of different career paths. The trick is getting connected with these jobs. Moving ahead in the federal sector will only become easier over time as 90 percent of all federal management positions will be up for retirement in the next decade. For anyone interested in federal work, now is one of the best times in history secure a federal position, and CivilianJobs.com specializes in helping military personnel and veterans land these jobs.

The Federal Advantage

The federal sector offers a number of advantages over private sector employers. The average annual salary available to full-time employees in the federal sector is up to $51,000. With an unprecedented number of employees, the federal government is privy to some of the best insurance rates and coverage of any American employer. Federal positions also garner benefits such as sick leave and vacation, retirement, training, and career development.

As a transitioning member of the military, you receive top priority in the hiring policies of the federal government. Your demonstrated skill and leadership qualities are the foundation the federal government stands on. However, the federal sector has recently streamlined its hiring processes in an effort to employ those with in-demand skills from the private sector. This means the federal government will be looking seriously at more applicants from all sectors, increasing competition for high tier positions.

In order to stand out in today's competitive federal job market, one needs to take full advantage of modern technology. Electronic resumes and applications demand a higher priority as the government wades through a sea of applicants. CivilianJobs.com offers the applicant a unique advantage by providing an outlet for the federal government to properly and efficiently match skill sets with jobs, while reducing the number of steps at each stage of the selection process. This gives the applicant the upper hand when it comes to being noticed first. As a veteran, to optimize your chances of getting a federal jobs, signing up with CivilianJobs.com is a step in the right direction.

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