What Makes Different?

  1. Our candidates are military-only, either transitioning from the service currently or veterans, that possess many positive attributes including: adaptability, maturity, reliability, team and mission focus, drug free, physically fit and knowledgeable about leadership and management.
  2. Our online career board has a general database for employers to search, as well as the ability to focus on candidates with Administrative, Clearance, Healthcare, IT, Law Enforcement, and Sales backgrounds. This focus translates into more candidates in these areas.
  3. All candidates are screened for honorable discharge and clean disciplinary record during the online resume process.
  4. Our resumes are standardized and in an easy to scan format, profiling important employer hiring considerations at the top of each resume.
  5. Our unique technology annotates key data within the military resume with PEI emblems (Positive Employability Indicators). These PEI emblems highlight performance achievement and other features that help the employer decide whether the candidate is an appropriate fit.
  6. We attract 100% of our candidates through the largest network in the industry. We attend over 100 job fairs a year and have 15-20 recruiters at all times with the sole mission of bringing in the best the military has to offer. No one is even close in workforce size. We advertise and market, as well as receive daily referrals.
  7. We are driven to help clients find the right person for their opportunity in a cost-effective manner.
  8. Our candidates are worldwide and most have FREE relocation once leaving the service, enabling an employer to source candidates outside their local area and without requiring employer paid moving.
  9. Simple search functions translate into less frustration and quicker searches. We’re very affordable and have a pricing structure that can meet most anyone’s needs. You can choose to pay by credit card via our website or be invoiced – your preference.
  10. , through our vast military recruiting network, is ready to provide you with whatever level of recruiting service you require; from an online resume service, screened and qualified resumes applied to your job postings for you, permanent placement assistance through one of the largest military recruiting firms in the industry (Bradley-Morris, Inc.), to our direct-to-the-military advertising programs.
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